Thanks to the leaders of Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau for their deep condolences!

On March 5, 2020, Director Xiong of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Pingshan District, together with colleagues in the bureau, sent epidemic prevention materials to our company and investigated the difficulties and needs of the company in resuming work. Thanks to all the staff in the bureau for their help and support for our company’s resumption of work, so that we can resume work smoothly and carry out normal work. I sincerely thank all the leaders of the bureau for alleviating the pressure on the resumption of work at this critical occasion, and show great love and watchful help. His noble feelings!

Innovative Development Conference was held in Pingshan District, Wuweihuasi won the "Innovative Pingshan Outstanding Contribution Award"

In the new year, Wuweihuasi will be full of hope and passion, continue to work hard, move forward calmly, and meet new challenges.

[Reprinted] Wuweihuasi has successfully developed a new coronavirus lgM/lgG antibody joint detection kit to help prevent and control the epidemic!

At the critical moment of the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic, the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) lgM/lgG antibody detection kit jointly developed by Shenzhen Wuweihuasi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital has been developed and passed The preliminary clinical verification requires only a drop of blood to complete the test within ten minutes.

Wuweihuasi and agent product training activities were successfully carried out

On December 1, 2019, Shenzhen Wuweihuasi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organized agents from all over the country to successfully hold a product training meeting with the theme of "Communication, Cooperation, Development, and Win-win" in Shenzhen. The company’s general manager, Dr. Wang Guoxin, introduced the company’s development history to the agents; the company’s R&D director, Dr. Tao Tao, explained in detail the company’s independent research and development, the world’s first infrared fluorescence technology and the development of precision POCT products; the company’s marketing director Chen An explained to the agents the market situation of the company's infrared fluorescent precision POCT products that have been listed. Finally, under the leadership of the general manager Dr. Wang Guoxin, he visited the company's production workshop and R&D laboratory, watched a number of product demonstrations, and deepened the understanding of the company's products. This training meeting will mainly discuss the scope of product use and the future development direction of the company. On the road of future development, everyone will reach a consensus, unite and work together toward the goal, and win-win cooperation!

Congratulations to the "21st Hi-Tech Fair" for the perfect ending, and Wuweihuasi won the Excellent Product Award!

The 21st Hi-Tech Fair closed in Shenzhen on November 17, 2019. A total of 3315 exhibitors participated in this year's Hi-Tech Fair

Warmly welcome the Pingshan District Organization Department to visit and guide our company

On October 24, 2019, Minister Lin Sicheng of the Organization Department of Pingshan District visited our company and guided our work. Thanks to the Pingshan government for its care and support to our company!
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